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7 From the Women

Hailing from Melbourne, jazz sensation Connie Lansberg is the epitome of avant-garde artistry in her latest album “Alone with Bees.” This exquisite composition effortlessly melds graceful strength and refined power, akin to a poised connoisseur locked in a soul-stirring arm-wrestling match—a testament to Lansberg’s extraordinary musical prowess.

Lansberg’s vocal finesse in this musical gem acts as an energy healer’s scalpel, slicing through discord to reach emotional depths. Positioned as a herald of jazz’s future, the album is an irresistible call to a transformative auditory experience. Lansberg’s vocals, a mix of gentle yet formidable forces, paired with Fitzgibbon’s nuanced piano, delve into intricate themes of happiness, freedom, and the shadows of the past—a captivating journey navigating introspection and emancipation.


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