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A Compelling Flow

Sinusoidal Music Reviews Deep Dark Down & Blue

Founding the Album Tsera's Gift

Your breakout track is Deep Dark Down & Blue featuring exciting artists like Mark Fitzgibbon, Ben Robertson, Danny Fischer, and Brian Losch. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience of making music with them?

Exhilarating! When you have musicians this talented and you let them do their thing, this is the result. My process is to work with Mark first because he will take my chords and expand on the colors, find the musical hooks, and so forth. So, when Mark and I know what we’re doing, we have a rehearsal and then take it to the studio. We don’t mess around in the studio either. We get a lot of work done each day because these guys don’t make mistakes. Brian Losch is a Grammy award-winning mixer and he took all my songs (I have over 40 recordings) and mixed them all at the same time.

Tsera's Gift is drenched in nostalgic vocals and molten jazz instrumentals. The mellow melodies float into Lansberg’s vocals and they swish away like leaves in the wind. The piano dances through the song delicately and flourishes beautifully in its solo. Better Things sports a slower tempo and softer tones. The song depicts the renewal of life in the protagonist after a heartbreak. The piano is lilting and consoling as the lyrics gently power and pushes the protagonist to better things.

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