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CONNIE LANSBERG -Tsera's Gift -Kira Hughes

The first track is the album title ‘Deep Dark Down & Blue’ which I think sounds so mysterious, I adore the choice of wording throughout this song making it so picturesque for the listeners. Following on from this ‘Better Things’ is incredibly smooth with light piano notes thus allowing Lansberg’s soft angelic vocals to take centre stage, this I feel expresses the storytelling with a personal touch. ‘Angel Tears’ is perfectly placed on the album as this song brings the jolly vibe back in a sophisticated manner, I “love, love, love” the lyrics in this track, sung with a slightly sassy attitude too. This track also includes a drum breakdown smooth-sounding that adds a little edge to the song, making it stand out from the rest.

Bringing the beat up again ‘Lonely Passion’ has a toe-tapping beat and a smooth sway in the hips that you won’t be able to resist having a little boogie. The lyrics are easy to follow with Lansberg's vocal range matching the beat throughout, this is one you’ll find yourself singing along to. ‘Secret Garden’ is a truly endearing song that you can get lost within. The lyrics hold passion and poise as you can really hear the impressive vocal control within this song, Lansberg sings with a sweet yet low whispery register as well as effortlessly reaching the sharp high notes. ‘Perfect Tears’ is incredibly smooth and captivating! After a slow and smooth introduction, a bouncy beat comes in creating a toe-tapping and playful tune. The piano is absolutely gorgeous throughout and unlike the other tracks when you close your eyes and listen to this, you can really picture the piano being played within a bar/lounge setting. Truly beautiful.

Lansberg comes straight in with her vocals holding so much depth with the heartfelt lyrics. ‘Still’ is incredibly simple yet melodic with the piano playing graciously behind the vocals alongside a laid-back drum beat adding depth to this track. Lansberg soulfully sings extremely heartfelt lyrics, telling a story that creates a picture movie in the mind's eye. The drums are soft and laid back as the guitar slightly strums allowing the piano and vocals to be the main focus creating a glamorous atmospheric Jazz piece. An influential song to leave us wanting more.

The entirety of this album is passionate, storytelling and completely mesmerizing, the talent shared with us is truly bewitching. This really is a beautiful relaxing listen.


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