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Connie Lansberg is in the Spotlight with a brand new release.

Aug 15, 2022 - bandcamp diaries

Connie Lansberg is a singer and songwriter with a focus on fresh and appealing contemporary jazz. This amazingly talented singer knows how to use her voice in order to entice, charm, and entertain her audience, while also providing a much more insightful and pleasant vibe, given the organic nature of the quality of her recordings. Recently, Connie released a new studio effort titled Deep Dark Down and Blue. This new release is a prime example of all the passion, hard work, and sensible creativity that goes into the making of Connie’s excellent music. Each track has something special to share with the audience, as if Connie was keen on using her songs to describe herself and let the audience come a little bit closer, to hear what she has to say.

The record features 10 songs, which are particularly amazing due to Connie’s natural ability to tell stories with her music. The title song, “Deep Dark Down & Blue,” has a sultry arrangement with a bit of a melancholic feel. “Round Midnight is definitely a change of pace, giving the flow of music a different mood, which leads into the next tune, I loved, “Better Things.” This song is also accompanied by a matching music video, which is so fun and easy to relate to, adding yet another layer to Connie’s vision and her astounding storytelling skills. “Angel Tears” is perhaps one of my favorite songs on this record, but there are so many excellent moments on this release. “Secret Garden,” for instance, is one of them.

I love the fact that this song really takes the album in a different direction, straying from the beaten path and exploring new creative ideas, something which ironically you don’t see happening a lot in modern jazz anymore. In a world of singers who seem to record the same old standards time and time again, creativity and original songwriting is a rare commodity. However, Connie has got us covered in that particular department!

Find out more about Connie, and check out Deep dark Down and Blue on Bandcamp!


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