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Harmony of ‘Alone with Bees’: A Journey Through Connie Lansberg’s Musical Storytelling

Transformational Entertainer™ Connie Lansberg, a Melbourne-based jazz singer-songwriter, has amassed over 4.5 Million Spotify streams which makes her one of the highest-streamed jazz artists in Australia delivers a poignant and transformative experience with her single “Alone with Bees.”

This track takes you on a journey where she refuses to give in to the trauma of the past until it yields honey. No matter how many times the past stings and burns, she lets us know we too can make peace with our trauma. This is a highly personal journey for Connie. Through her work with Soul Realignment and the Akashic Records, she has uncovered a unique ability to dislodge stuck energy & infuse positive energy within the soul matrix. This is an invitation for the listener as this song works on many levels.

The song serves as the title track for her new album and features the first chair double bass player of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Ben Hanlon. His contribution adds a layer of depth and richness that elevates the song to new heights.

The song is co-arranged by her long-time collaborator, jazz pianist Mark Fitzgibbon. Together, they’ve crafted a composition that is both soul-stirring and deeply personal. It’s a musical journey that draws from Lansberg’s own turbulent past, transforming it into a message of resilience and inner peace.

In her own words, “It took me years to find the right combination of musical geniuses to make this new music what it is. I also know that trauma does not have to be re-lived to be released and I know that my songs help in this way. I guess I’m bringing sound healing into the twenty-first century.”

Connie encapsulates the transformative power of her music, not just as an art form but as a therapeutic experience and she describes herself more as a “storyteller” than a singer, but we beg to differ as her voice is simply lovely.

“Alone with Bees” explores the healing power of time, suggesting that even the most painful experiences can eventually yield something beautiful—like turning past traumas into honey. Lansberg’s band complements her vision, creating a sound that could very well be the future of Australian jazz.

“Alone with Bees” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the healing power of music and a glimpse into the future of Australian and global jazz. It’s a must-listen for anyone looking to experience the transformative power of musical storytelling.


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