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Music for All Connie Lansberg releases a masterful jazzy album “Tsera's Gift.”

Home / Featured / Connie Lansberg: releases the masterful jazzy album “Tsera's Gift”; check outEmphasisNewsConnie Lansberg: releases masterful jazzy debut album “Tsera's Gift”; check out Luanda Myers10 hours ago0321 minute reading The Australian from Melbourne, Connie Lansberg, has an artistic background that catches the eye and ends up making all the difference in terms of musical concept and poetic breadth in the enacted compositions. Passionate about literature (already having several releases!) and rooted in the greatest strengths of American songbooks (folk, country, and church-enhanced gospel), she designs her records to be properly co-arranged for the jazz quartet by Mark's baton. Fitzgibbon. This echoes in intimate jazzy intercessions, with the narrative around secrets, heartache, dreams, and the “buzz of the unknown”, but which reverberates in a wide reverberation to denote a great pearl in this release, her album “Tsera's Gift”

And we have one of the biggest debuts of the style, a set of ten songs that are born with the archetype of classics within this songbook. Track 2, Deep Dark Down & Blue opens the works movingly, with a typical swing of bossa nova, highly seductive, presenting us with a work of piano EXCELLENT! “Angel Tears”, “Lonely Passion”, “Perfect Tears” and their emotional greed, are all governed by Connie's SUBLIME voice. It really is impossible to single out tracks, immerse yourself in this experience in all its quintessence!


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