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World of Jazz Review of "Deep Dark Down & Blue"

NEW ALBUM!!! CONNIE LANSBERG - Deep Dark Down & Blue

The first few bars immediately cast a spell over me.

I'm talking about Connie Lansberg from Melbourne, Australia, and her album “DeepDark Down & Blue which will be released on July 28 on Bandcamp and Sept 1 on Spotify. Connie leads a double life as a jazz singer and a published author and with this album, she brings both together showing her literary skills in beautiful songwriting. c The 10 songs, seven originals, and three not oft-heard standards, with elegantly expressive melodies and poetic lyrics, performed by some of Melbourne’s leading musicians, are very catchy without being superficial. The album is full of fascinating layers and wanders with ingenuity between folk, pop, and jazz without making an effort or appearing indecisive. It's hard to highlight particular songs because all of them are great, there is no weak song, as a filler, on the album. My special favorites are the breezy title track “Deep Dark Down & Blue”, the impressionistic “The Better Things”, the brisk “Angel Tears” and the smoky and revelatory „Still”. The elegantly essential “Better Things” is a subtle masterwork with a stately improvisational flight courtesy of Mark Fitzgibbon and sage lyrics. “That song is a gentle reminder to not wait too long, especially for the wrong reasons. Nothing is ever going to be perfect. Only death is perfect,” Connie says.

Out On Bandcamp: Release: July 28 and streaming on Spotify Sept. 1, 2022 Line-up: Connie Lansberg - vocals/composer-lyricist-arranger

Mark Fitzgibbon - piano-arranger Ben Robertson - double bass

Ben Hanlon double bass 1,3,10 Danny Fischer - drums

Peter Hodges drums 1.3,10


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