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“The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their divine nature, not just entertainment.”



This new album from Connie Lansberg is the antithesis of musical clutter – a genuine work of art fearlessly embracing authenticity. 

“None of Lanberg’s compositions are ordinary in their storytelling. A quietly expressive jazz singer with a beautiful voice, Connie Lansberg excels throughout Alone with Bees, a recommended release that makes one want to see her and her trio perform live.”

                                       Scott Yanow Jazz Critique and Historian 


Alone with Bees celebrates skill, taste, wisdom, and ingenuity. Sometimes these traits overlap with popularity; most times, they don’t. This celebration is dependent on smart, sophisticated, and adventurous listeners. The rest of the population can eat the pre-digested baby food that is the pop music of today.

Through her stunning lyrics and accessible melodies, she models how the acceptance of reality is essential to a fulfilling life. She weaves heartfelt storytelling into each poetic verse. Set against a backdrop of accessible melodies and gorgeous piano work by the wonderfully talented pianist Mark Fitzgibbon, this album could not have been written and performed by anyone else. Ben Hanlon’s bass solo on the title track is stunning and the tasteful and supportive drumming by Peter Hodges rounds out this fine trio. Alone with Bees is Connie’s second offering and like her first original album Tsera’s Gift, it was mixed by Emmy award-winning engineer Brian Losch.


“To create music other than from your Soul’s truth is to put more garbage into the world.”


Alone with Bees, transcends the boundaries of conventional jazz..

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Aug. 18

Alone cover.png
Alone with Bees
00:00 / 03:07
Deep End of Love
00:00 / 05:20
00:00 / 03:36
Ghost in the Night
00:00 / 05:56
I Remember Sky
00:00 / 04:27
I Used to Be Your Girl
00:00 / 04:45
Round Midnight_MIX_v1_Inst 1
00:00 / 05:46
The Silence
00:00 / 04:26
Some Other Time
00:00 / 03:27
Mother's Little Helper
00:00 / 03:56




Southside Jazz Club
July 9, 8 pm
Connie Lansberg and Jex Saarelaht Play Nice

Cafe Nouveau, Ventura Ca.
May 14-28, 2022

Southside Jazz Club Fridays
April 1-May 6 2022

featuring Jex Saarelaht, Mark Fitzgibbon, James Sherlock, Nick Haywood
Ben Robertson & Charlie Rank

Lido Jazz
April 9, 2022

Southside Jazz Club
March 12
, 2022
featuring Jex Saarelaht

Southside Jazz Club
Jan 8, 2022

Melbourne Recital Centre
Alone with Bees Launch
Nov. 26, 2021

with Mark Fitzgibbon, Charlie Rank & Pete Hodges

Hotel Windsor Melbourne 2021
Introducing the 4-4-4

 Saturdays-April 17-Nov. 27

Southside Jazz Club
June 19 with Jex Saarelaht





Phone: (+61) 0422 913 705

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